About Cinemakids


Founder/Director: Mary Celeste Kearney

Cinema was my rite of passage. – John Singleton

Movement from the shadows of silence into the light of assertiveness and public presence is the ritual cinema facilitates for those who dare to pick up a camera. Psychologists call it “finding your voice.” Artists call it “creative expression.” Filmmakers call it “making a movie.”

For the vast majority of the twentieth century, young people were typically excluded from filmmaking practices, primarily because of the expense, weight, and technical knowledge related to the equipment used. Yet today, film cameras fit in the palm of your hand, editing systems work on personal computers, and more kids are making movies than at any other point in history. What happens to our society when young people assert their voices via public media such as film? Isn’t it time we paid attention to the visions, dreams, fears, and desires kids capture and communicate? To be listening to the stories they tell?

Cinemakids was introduced to Cinematexas in 2000 to honor young filmmakers who create visual art, as well as to motivate other youth to become culturally active through media production. Now in its sixth year, Cinemakids provides a forum for the screening and production of youth-made media, bringing together younger and older filmmakers for mutual inspiration, education, and dialogue."